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Keeping you up to date, in “the green” and “out of the red” with all of your sites legal statutory compliance obligations

We want to help you navigate the often difficult to understand world of workplace compliance. Not just understanding, but maintaining alignment with the intricacies of each specific UK stipulations.

This will involve keeping within the guidance with general safety - HSWA 1974 (Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1974) or more specifically, electrical safety - EAWR 1989 (Electricity at Work Regulations 1989) most commonly via PAT Testing or Fixed Wire Testing. Or remaining compliant with all of your fire safety obligations such as the FSO 2005 (Regulatory Reform/Fire Safety Oder 2005).


Or by checking that your water system is protected from diseases such as Legionnaires Disease. This achieved by scheduling legionella risk assessments. Or by conducting Gas tests to ensure that your facility is safe and compliant from any harmful gases.

We handle the heavy, and often overwhelming burden that many duty holders and or employers feel when trying to keep their sites safe, compliant, and maintained to a sufficient level.


Offering an all encompassing compliance and safety service, that covers every base that you need to cover, with experts in every field that we cover. Equipped with exceptional support teams that are with you every way of your journey to maintaining compliance.

We are more than well versed on critical UK health and safety legislation, furthermore we strive to not just provide the required services, but to also educate and spread the word on the importance of them to all clients in all sectors.


Why should you bother?

If you fail to comply with UK health and safety regulations, you will be putting any employee or other person that visits your sites, life in danger. 

You’ll also be breaking the law - thus resulting in huge penalties such as hefty fines, or prosecution which could even lead to imprisonment.


Protest Compliance Group Ltd oversee the safety of some of the most respected and highly regarded governing bodies in the UK.


What can Protest Compliance Group Ltd do to help?


As one of the UK’s leading safety and compliance service providers across multiple different sectors, nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of as many businesses and organisations as humanly possible. 

Catering to all scales


We work on projects of all scales, whether you’re a small scale single business owner, or an employer /site manager overseeing multiple large scale sites that are spread across the entirety of the UK or even overseas.


Going one step further, by adopting our versatile approach to every project meaning that we always adjust to your complexities and the things that make you unique. 


Under the Protest Compliance Group umbrella, we deliver a comprehensive compliance and maintenance service package that covers every element and aspect of your facilities envelope and fabric.

All underpinned by our highly experienced and vastly qualified team of certified experts in their respective fields. Ensuring that all clients are more than well taken care of.

Feel free to contact us if you require any support or guidance with any of your compliance services. 

Working in partnership with the biggest and the best

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Hear from some of our clients across various sectors

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"I am pleased to say that as a long term partner of ours, Protest Compliance always perform and meet our KPI’s and their service and quality of reports is second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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