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Creating Safer Working Environments For All

Reputable excellence, with unparalleled reliability, across all industries

Safety & Compliance is at the core of everything that we do, simply put, we protect people and their workplace. With a multi-skilled team, we do everything required to ensure that you remain safe and compliant, along with your building and the assets within it.

We operate in partnership with businesses to make working environments safe, compliant, and sustainable

A history of keeping businesses safe and compliant, nationwide

Undertaking the responsibility of health and safety measures required to keep your site occupants safe and your business compliant. 

With Protest Compliance Group Ltd, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all, is what we excel at.

Modern Office Building
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What is Statutory Compliance and why is it important?

Simply put, “compliance” is the legal term used for describing a person or an entity that is acting in accordance to any mandatory rules, regulations, or law.

What clients need, we deliver

This can be broken down into two simple, yet key, fundamentals:

1. Maintain a safe, compliant and functional workplace for all on site staff and all visitors

2. Oversee all assets and their life cycle, by implementing high quality industry standards of compliance services

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Tailored to you

Through our safety first philosophy that filters throughout all subsidiaries, we provide tailored compliance solutions to meet all client requirements, across all projects.

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Our service level approach​

We combine and manage all technical services and office support services, to provide a full guarantee on safety and also allowing for clients to maximise their business efficiency in the meantime, by offering the most helpful, cost effective solutions possible.

An overview of the services that we cover, UK wide

Fire Risk Assessment
Electrical Compliance
Fire Door Servicing
HVAC Inspection & Maintenance
Soft Service Management
Fire Door Remedials
FM Maintenance
Technical FM solutions

Compliance Monitoring

Our Remote compliance monitoring provides state of the art, sophisticated technology and combines this with the traditional testing, inspection and maintenance tasks required to successfully maintain the modern day workplace. 

Compliance Monitoring

Our commitment

We are committed to providing a superior service for any compliance project that we work on.

Our clarity

With a clear transparent approach, we give clients peace of mind.

Our expertise

Our team of experts will ensure that your project is a success every time.


We have a proven track record of delivering high-level safety and compliance services for a host of different clients on a variety of unique projects.

Nationwide coverage


Underpinned and helped by our strategically placed expert teams, covering all services, across all sectors.

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