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Reactive Maintenance

For those site issues that cannot always be prevented prior – Protest Compliance Group Ltd, solving problems on the spot!

If you experience maintenance issues that are unplanned and require reactive treatment, you’re not alone, these problems can be costly and problematic as they often come at the most unexpected or worst times possible. Luckily, our in-house responsive reactive team are well equipped to assist with almost all maintenance matters in your workplace. 

Whether during the day, or at night, our 24/7 client support help desk are ready and willing to find a solution for your maintenance needs.

Our rapid response teams can be sent to your site swiftly, regardless of your location in the UK. With experts in every field that we cover, you can rest assured that we are appropriately skilled and experienced in order to quickly fix any issues and get you back up and running and functioning as normal, promptly. 



Under the Protest Compliance umbrella, we support a multitude of businesses with their reactive maintenance in the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, as well as Europe!

What is reactive maintenance? 


Reactive maintenance is exactly what the name says, it is maintenance that requires a reaction to an unplanned issue that arises.

The opposite of planned maintenance, which involves the type of maintenance that is arranged ahead of time, having already been scheduled in order to proactively manage and maintain your site with an aim of preventing any future issues or breakdowns. 

What would we class as needing reactive maintenance?

Any unplanned type of breakdown or issue in your workplace that prevents your site from functioning as normal would very likely qualify as needing reactive maintenance. 

The goal of reactive maintenance is to do exactly that, “react” as quickly as possible to a problem and solve it swiftly, with as little disruption and disturbance to your workplace as humanly possible. 

What can Protest Compliance Group Ltd do to help with your reactive maintenance needs?


As mentioned above, issues will happen in your workplace, it is just a fact of life, things such as equipment, machinery, systems and general facilities will all breakdown at some time or other. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when. Having a reliable reactive maintenance provider in place is absolutely imperative in order to be as prepared as possible for these type of eventualities. 

Almost every business will need this, regardless of industry. The best way possible to cover your workplace is to combine reactive maintenance with your PPM (planned preventative maintenance) programme - something that we also provide for all businesses across all different sectors too.


What are the benefit of our very own reactive maintenance service?

Combat against unplanned and unavoidable site issues - all different facilities come with their own challenges, each site is unique regardless of industry, and with this, have their own complexities, naturally meaning issues will crop up. With a reliable and solidified reactive maintenance service in place you can significantly improve the treatment and reaction to site issues. Thus allowing you to return to your work commitments in a much smoother manner.

We recommend combining maintenance plans for the most effective results

If you have read through this page, by now it should be very clear to you that reactive maintenance is an absolute essential component for maintaining and sustaining a safe and functional working environment for any business or organisation.


However, if reactive maintenance is the only safety measure implemented, you will still likely suffer from the disadvantages associated without complimenting safety measures by combining them.

So what are the disadvantages of adopting a reactive maintenance approach only?


Failure to plan, planning to fail


by failing to adopt regular planned preventative maintenance alongside reactive maintenance, you can expect to see a greater volume of equipment, machinery and system failure as well as total breakdowns. Regular planned and scheduled testing, inspection and checkups need to be part of overall site maintenance. Going without this, will evidently lead to greater amount of unplanned outages, which will see a consistency of costly overheads appear.


Protest Compliance Group deliver reactive maintenance on a nationwide scale, UK wide

Whether you operate a large facility or oversee and manage multiple sites on a nationwide or even European or global scale, you need to ensure that all aspects of your business are properly looked after.

This will not only help create a safe and healthy working environment for your staff and customers, but will also ensure that your business runs smoothly and continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Get in touch now if you would like to have us help you by being the reactive maintenance service provider for your premises.

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