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Planned, Preventative Maintenance

A proactive approach and cost effective solution for preventing downtime and reducing the volume of critical site issues


We provide a fresh approach to site safety and compliance. Our planned preventative maintenance programme offers a continual support system to all clients across all services, industries, and sectors alike. 

Our aim


Prevent small amendable problems from escalating into serious threats to your working environment. 

If left alone, even the smallest of issues will, over time, develop into huge problems for your workplace. Our job through our PPM programmes, is to stop this from happening.

What is PPM?

Starting with planned maintenance, which may also be described as preventative maintenance. This involves the adoption of a proactive approach to site safety and the overall maintenance of a building.

Proactive - (of a person or action) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

This is the regular checking, testing, inspecting and monitoring of a sites health, safety and performance. Identifying any issues that could develop into serious ones further down the line.


Essentially, never waiting for problems to escalate, instead, keeping updated and informed by conducting regular scheduled maintenance checks on a continual basis, as well as repairing faults on a regular basis too.

How will this help? 

Well, firstly it enables the minimising of safety risks substantially. Safety first is a mantra that filters throughout all divisions of our business.


Secondly, by having your preventative plan in place, this promotes the ongoing functionality of your business. Again, substantially reducing the chances of unplanned downtime caused by safety issues that may even have been left to develop without a plan in place.


Keeping your working environment safe and well looked after, as well as your employees and any site visitors too.

What our planned maintenance will deliver for your workplace

Significantly reduce downtime


It is entirely possible that maintenance issues could lead to the entire shutdown, as well as unplanned downtime, disrupting workflow and leaving you unable to prepare your staff for that downtime and the loss of productivity and profits to your business. PPM will significantly reduce this.

Improve safety measures


It is common knowledge that if a site is left unattended, unkept, or unmonitored, the safety of that site in question could easily be compromised for various obvious reasons. This is the case with workplace maintenance, if frequent maintenance is not sustained, and only carried out when a fault arises instead, the likelihood... greatly increases.

Remain Functional longer


A planned maintenance schedule means your facility can remain up and running for longer periods, without suffering from greater amounts of downtime and unplanned downtime due to large scale repairs or break downs. With planned maintenance, work can be scheduled for the most suitable time for the client. In some cases, arranging out of hours work, allowing for business continuity.

Cut repair costs


Routine planned maintenance will reduce the likelihood of huge unplanned downtime and or need for shutdowns as much more safety hazards will be covered with regular maintenance being carried out.

When does one need PPM?

If you head up a large scale organisation, then maintaining that your business operates as consistently and as smoothly as possible is imperative to your companies success.


Consulting the services of a planned maintenance provider is essential.

Why being reactive isn’t enough for your workplace maintenance


Preventing a problem is much better than curing a problem that has been allowed to manifest. Unexpected problems will occur and not every one of them can be stopped. With this in mind, reactive maintenance remains a core component of any facility’s management strategy (and something that we can also help you with).

As mentioned above, it is always the best and the most cost-effective solution to address a problem when it is small and manageable, before it can grow to become larger and much more difficult to handle.

Get in touch now if you would like to have us help you plan and maintain the safety of your premises.

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"I am pleased to say that as a long term partner of ours, Protest Compliance always perform and meet our KPI’s and their service and quality of reports is second to none."

 Property Director, NHS Trust

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