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Fire Door and Frame


Fire doors and frames are an essential part of a building's fire compartmentation system and so it is imperative that they are installed correctly.

PCG have vast experience in the installation of Fire Doors..

We specialise in the installation of fire doors, fire screens, and frames. The correct installation of fire door assemblies and door sets is fundamental to their overall performance as it will ensure the fire door will remain reliable to its fire integrity rating.

Around three million new fire doors are bought and installed every year in the United Kingdom. The fire doors play an essential part in offering the first line of defence.

It is critical that fire doors are installed correctly by a competent person otherwise they will not be effective at holding back fire and smoke. Not all joiners and carpenters understand the installation and maintenance requirements for fire doors so only qualified installers should be considered.

As stated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): 

In addition to the annual inspection and testing of fire door
assemblies, it is the facility manager’s responsibility to retain
records — in either hard copy or digital form.

Did you know?

UK law places an obligation on building operators to ensure compliance.

Data on over 100,000 inspections shows 75% of fire doors fail to meet safety standards.

fire door

What do Fire Door Installations involve?

All our installations include effective smoke and fire seals around the door with standard minimum air gaps.

Our fire doors are fitted universally with appropriate door closure mechanisms, meaning they automatically close behind people using them at a safe speed.

PCG delivers a nationwide service carried out by certified fire door installers. We provide clients with the highest standard installation of fire doors, including all hardware - such as handles, letterboxes, and kickplates.

Five Step Fire Door Check

  • ​Check for Certification (Fire-rated door label)

  • Check for door apertures

  • Check the gaps and seals around the door frame

  • Check the door closures are working properly

  • Check the door operation

5 step.png

The Fire Door is a crucial safety barrier

Installed correctly, fire doors will contain fire for a minimum 30 minutes or maximum 60 minutes. 

We will provide certification for all our doors to show that they comply with national standards, British Standard (BS) Parts 22 and 31 or BS EN 1154. 

What is the cost of installing Fire Doors?

  • Flush Fire Doors – £65 – 170

  • Panelled Fire Doors – £79 – 286

  • Glazed Fire Doors – £129 – 600

Why you should use PCG fire experts

PCG fire experts are BRE and BM TRADA certified.

Our DBS checked and qualified technicians will provide assurance that every aspect of your building’s fire doors are functioning in accordance with fire regulations.

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"I am pleased to say that as a long term partner of ours, Protest Compliance always perform and meet our KPI’s and their service and quality of reports is second to none."

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